The Great Test

Here on Earth, the forces of greed seem to be so ferociously overwhelming the voices of compassion, that it feels like nothing short of an alien invasion could change our course. Lisa, a self-doubting poet, is about to be the first human to make first contact – and she’ll learn that the key to saving ourselves isn’t tied to money, politics or religion. What if YOU, at this very moment, were holding the keys to our future – and you didn’t even know it?

Written by activist poet Caitlin Johnstone, LISA AND THE STRANGER identifies the moment we’re facing as THE GREAT TEST – humanity’s fork in the road, where we will either course-correct toward a path of compassion and sustainability, or we will choose runaway greed – resulting in our self-destruction. It’s almost too late, but there’s still time for compassionate creators around the world to re-ignite their spark – the spark that might mean the salvation of humanity itself.


Visual Effects

The STRANGER is an extraterrestrial visitor, hiding in plain sight. One look inside his hoodie, and you’ll peer into the eyes of an empath who’s seen hundreds of worlds, each with a unique heartbreaking story. We’re seeking a strategic VFX partnership in order to realize an integrated CG-alien/Live-actor asset, capable of capturing the actor’s spirit, and delivering the necessary range of emotions to anchor the ‘Stranger’ narrative.