In all of Tara Petrie’s sixteen years, she’s never had an easy day. Inside her wealthy suburb, she’s able to ignore the ecological self-destruction and war that’s destroying the world outside – but Tara can’t escape her own private terrors, particularly the monstrous hallucinations and violent seizures that accompany her mysterious disability. Her parents provide support, but they’re also hiding the sad truth about Tara’s condition, and her fate.

Set in the pacific northwest, Greenhaven is a sci-fi teen thriller limited series that takes us inside the world of a lonely teenage girl at the dawn of her most frightening revelation, but it’s also an alien invasion story – in which the aliens might be the unexpected heroes.

It took a few million years for the human race to become the dominant species on planet Earth.

In a tiny fraction of that time, we’ve brought the planet to the brink of ecological suicide.

Meanwhile, a different type of catastrophe has brought a unique set of immigrants to Earth. A secret society of shapeshifters lives among us, with the ability to hide in plain sight. The peaceful town of Greenhaven is about to become ground zero in a conflict between two dominant races, each facing their looming extinction.