Surrounded by untamed forests, Sawtooth is a hidden community deep in the wild Yukon, where the old west’s most feared outlaws escape justice under various aliases.

When Constance, the Madam of the town’s Bordello, takes an exotic fugitive teenage girl under her protection, this collection of notorious cutthroats becomes the target of a pack of werewolves. In a visceral thriller that gives classic western action a girl-power upgrade, it’s the painted ladies who must find the keys to survival as vengeful beasts lay siege to the unsuspecting town.

Constance is a complex woman struggling to erase terrible mistakes. The civil war may be over, but the powers within old confederacy have placed a price on her head, dead or alive. Assassination target, shrewd businesswoman and mother figure to the women of her bordello, Constance never expected to lead a werewolf resistance.